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Groundwater Issues for Industrial and Commercial Applications

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Legal Matters Support

Because GeoScience Solutions, LLC, is a small business, professional hydrogeologist John Bognar  can be flexible and nimble to his clients' needs while offering knowledgeable technical advice and expert witness support for legal situations and demands.

Subsurface Environmental Consulting

GeoScience Solutions, LLC, provides environmental solutions for problems related to contaminated ground water control and earth materials that are correct for the situation, thus saving time and money.

Groundwater Issues

GeoScience Solutions. LLC, provides solutions to water supply, subsurface water control, groundwater control or contamination and remediation. We can also determine the cause of Sinkholes.


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GeoScience Solutions, LLC, is a geoscience related, environmental consulting business including expert witness work and litigation support related to geology, groundwater control, water supply, subsurface water control,  contamination of soil and groundwater contamination, and other subsurface environmental testing, environmental site assessment and contamination issues. GeoScience Solutions, LLC, is based in St. Louis, Missouri, but the principles of geology and subsurface environmental science can be applied anywhere.

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Contact John Bognar for technical advice regarding legal matters, subsurface environmental consulting, and ground water issues.